Discover the Duona Tribe in Maolin

Discover the Duona Tribe in Maolin

Photo by Carter

逍遥派 白马出淤泥

南投小六生遭霸凌 被殴打、烧头发

【◎Written by Cai Mi-ci ◎Translation by Lin Yu-ciao ◎Photos by Carter ◎Photos courtesy of Information Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government】

In the winter months, captivating clouds and mist drape the lush mountains, creating a picturesque and uniquely charming backdrop for the Duona(多納部落)village. Tucked away within this enchanting scenery is the renowned “Yi Shan Mu Coffee House(一山沐咖啡屋). Here, visitors can indulge in a pour-over coffee, savoring the rich aroma and the cultural ambiance of the Duona tribe.


Photo by Carter

Photo courtesy of Information Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government

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The villagers use slate slabs to construct barbecue pits for grilled meat and sausages. The alluring aroma attracts patrons for miles around. Visitors can enjoy the renowned indigenous dish, Cinavu, made with millet and rich pork filling. The millet flavor blends with the pork fat, creating a delicious flavor in every bite.


Photo by Carter

Yi Shan Mu Coffee House

邪醫紫後 小說

No. 6-6, Duona Vil., Maolin Dist., Kaohsiung City

Phone: 0932-500065

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Business hours: 9:00 AM~17:00 PM

FB: 一山沐多納咖啡屋

南卡羅來納州初選告捷 川普朝黨內提名再邁進一步

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